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    Jul 29, 2010
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    Hi everyone, my name is Kathie Rowray. I'm the secretary from the Hartwick Husky's ski team at Lake Delhi. As you all may have heard we had a horrible flood last weekend. With record high water levels the earth dam part of the dam broke. It actually picked up the highway and all earth surrounding it and Lake Delhi drained in a matter of hours flooding land and towns below the dam. Its now back to the Maquoketa river. And its not a very big or deep river either. Everyone on the lake that got flooded has been working long hard hours to clean out their cabins and homes.

    With that said, we wont be skiing anymore at least this year on our lake. We will not be going to Nationals this year but we do we wish the teams that are going the best of luck. We will however be doing a show in Guttenburg on 8/14 and we decided to do a beach party in place of our last show on 8/21 at our ski site. We'll stay together as a team while our dam is rebuilt.

    Kathie Rowray
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    Best of luck to your team!!!! Hope the rebuild goes quickly. And hey, maybe you'll find lots of lost equipment on the lakebed :lol:

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