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    Is cooper doing those two out barefoot fronts that crazy (stupid) b#$%*rd?

    Who is all skiing in Texas this year???
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    Flash Back!!!!!

    I just came across you guys and it's freaking me out! Wally, long time! I'ts Angie Messina(Wood) how are you?
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    Taco Town or Bust

    Yo Kids, Dana here. Still wasting away in Japan... You Dont even understand how much I miss skiing at lake Texas!!! Hope everything is going well with everyone. Is my brother still farting in morning meeting? Swambi would right him up for that. Anyhoo, Board out my mind in Japo. Younger you stud, how are ya? Im working with John McAdams. We were talking about you the other day, all good things. Hope to Talk to you all soon. Drop me a line.

    P.S. Rish you crazy b$%, how are ya?

    Hairy stunts, out
  4. showskier100

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    Aug 21, 2003
    Vallejo, California
    You and Mac

    Last I talked to Mac, he said all is well, and good times all around. Hope everythings the same for you! Just tryin' to stay outta trouble here in Cali, and not doing too bad at it, thankfully.
    Anyway, adios, see you, keep kickin,
    P.S. tell mac "big up's" for me.
  5. o-usa

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    Jun 2, 2006
    Salt Lake City, UT

    I just found this page and read your note from about two years ago. How are you? Where are you and what are you doing?

    I took my family to SWT last year and hung out with Chuck Cureau. We keep in touch fairly regularly. He's great! We also saw Paul Merino.

    If you ever get this, drop me a note to say what's up in your life.

    Hope to hear from you and any other SWT alumni.

    Royce Parsons
  6. h2oskicrappy

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    Dec 17, 2008
    Ski Team:
    Sea World
    If your calling me old then so are you! Well I might have you by 2 or 3 years....Still in SA but not skiing any more...unless they call me in for a fat sac!!!! Desk job has not been to kind! How have you been Shannan? Its been atleast 7-8 years! Hope all is well with you!


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