Ski Show to Benefit Ryan Bergeron Medical Fund

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    -------Please distribute to other disciplines, regions, teams, and anyone else in the water ski community!!!------

    Some of you know that Ryan Bergeron, who has skied with the Sarasota Ski-A-Rees Water Ski Show Team, in Sarasota, FL, since 1999 was injured last year while performing in Brazil and is currently without the use of his legs. Ryan's recovery is going well and he recently returned to the water, performing in our Sunday shows. As you can imagine, Ryan's medical bills are staggering.

    To help Ryan, March 22, 2009 will be "Ryan Bergeron" day at Ski-A-Rees Stadium, with all proceeds from the Sunday 2:00 show going to the Ryan Bergeron Medical Fund.

    We invite all show skiers, especially those in the Southern Region or visiting our area on Spring Break, to join with us for the entire weekend, including practice on Saturday and an all-day party and 2:00 public show on Sunday. We plan to heavily publicize this show and would love to have commitments from other skiers to report to the media.

    Our show director, Sherri Brunner, needs to know as soon as possible how skiers plan to participate. Please send her an email at

    If you're unable to ski, but would still like to help Ryan, please consider sending a donation to:

    Ryan M Bergeron Medical Account
    c/o Sarasota Ski-A-Rees
    P.O. Box 1493
    Sarasota , FL 34230

    For more information, please contact us a

    Also here is a link to a video aired on TV done on Ryan.

    Brad Satterlee
    Event Coordinator

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