Wisconsin Water Ski Convention & Expo Skiers Got Talent

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    Water Skiers Got Talent
    New for 2009!
    "Water Skiers Got Talent" competition replaces indoor doubles competition
    Have a particular talent? Singing, dancing, comedy, magic, gymnastics, strap doubles, etc. Whatever you can think of, put it on display and let the audience choose the winner. A panel of "celebrity" judges will critique your talent, but the audience chooses the winner via cell phone text voting in realtime.

    You or your group can enter the contest for $20. Entries accepted online or on-site until 7:00 PM on Friday, February 27.

    The "Water Skiers Got Talent" Competition (presented by MasterCraft Boats) will be held in the Lower Dells Ballroom and begins at 7:30 PM on Friday night.

    • Must be PG-rated. Judges and sound crew have the ability to end your performance at any time.
    • Time limit of 5 minutes per act plus 1 minute to set up and 1 minute to take down.
    • No destruction of property.
    • You make a mess, you must clean it up.
    • You damage property not belonging to you, you pay for it.
    • No disrespect toward individuals, teams, officials, or sponsors.

    Audience Voting:
    Text message voting information will be provided on-screen during the competition. Those unable to vote via text message will be able to use a ballot, which will then be entered via the web.

    The web-based polling program is set-up to prevent multiple votes from the same cell phone. If you vote more than one time, you will receive a text message reply indicating that you already voted.

    Results will be shown in realtime.

    The audience should vote for a winner based on the following criteria:

    • Stage Presence (not nervous, enjoys performing, etc.)
    • Technical Talent (pitch, rhythm, complexity, volume, etc.)
    • Originality
    • Creativity
    • Achieves Intended Effect (laughter, applause, cheering, etc.)

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