WWSF - Wisconsin Show Ski Open

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    Registration is from 8:00 - 9:00am. First show is on the water at 10:30.
    This event is free to watch and free to participate if you are a member of USA
    Water Ski.

    The Championship team will be decided by audience vote.

    There will be a party at Ravina Bay (across the site) after the event.

    The number of shows will be determined by amount of participants

    Each show will be 45 minutes long.

    There is a special room rate at The Copa Cabana Resort for Friday and Saturday
    Evening. The rate would be $55 plus tax for 1-4 people. Please call the Copa
    Cabana at 608) 253-1511 . Ask for Mark Lancaster.

    More information at waterski.org and facebook under WWSF Show Ski Open
    Or email me at chrisatwaterski.org

    Chris Coupland

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